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Passive ankle dorsiflexion increases in patients after a regimen of tilt table-wedge board standing. A clinical report.

date: 11/01/1985
author: Bohannon RW, Larkin PA.
publication: Phys Ther. 1985 Nov;65(11):1676-8.
pubmed_ID: 4059330

We monitored the result of a tilt table-wedge board routine on the passive ankle dorsiflexion of 20 patients consecutively to determine the effectiveness of the treatment. The calculated frequency of the treatment, which was applied for 30 minutes on each of 5 to 22 treatment days, ranged from 2.3 to 6.4 treatments a week. All patients demonstrated increased passive ankle dorsiflexion. The increases ranged from 3 to 17 degrees and occurred at a calculated rate of 0.11 to 1.0 degrees a day. We believe the treatment is an effective clinical method for increasing passive ankle dorsiflexion in neurologically involved patients.

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