Sit + Stand + Supine

is the only stander that combines the benefits of sit to stand and the option of supine to create infinite positioning possibilities from 90-90 sitting, fully vertical standing, full supine lying and anywhere in between. No other stander can provide the amount of positioning that is possible with the EasyStand Bantam.

Upright Standing

• Upright standing is a natural position with the head, hips, knees and ankles
all in vertical alignment
• When a child stands upright, they are likely to feel more balanced and are
in an optimal position to allow strengthening of the neck muscles
• The option to easily go from upright to supine encourages longer periods
of standing, especially when loss of head control begins

Full Support with Sit to Stand

• Full body support system with foot plates, knee pads (anterior), seat (posterior)
and chest pad (anterior) that supports the individual in all positions from sitting,
supine and standing
• Children appear to adapt more quickly to standing and weight-bearing
when using a sit to stand device due to the extra support and sense
of security

Hip-Knee Flexion Transfers

• Allows standing pivot transfers, lateral seat-to-seat, supine flat-to-load, supine
with hip and knee flexion transfers or any position in between
• Compatible with patient lifts
• Each child is different and the Bantam provides choices when transferring

Gradual Range of Motion with Hip-Knee Flexion

• Can start in a hip-knee flexion position and gradually increase lower
extremity extension
• By maintaining a sustained, weight-bearing stretch throughout the standing
session, range of motion (ROM) can increase over time for many children

Custom Fit for Better Standing

• Modular design works for children who require minimal positioning
and has options for those who require maximum positioning and support
• Over 50 positioning and support options that help keep the most
challenging cases safe, aligned and secure
• Tool free adjustments

Accommodating Contractures

• Adjustability creates the opportunity to stand children with positioning challenges
• No special modifications are needed to accommodate children with contractures
and leg length discrepancies
• Match the hip and knee flexion of the child; and then, adjust as range of motion in
the hips and knees improves

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