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Who is Chris Oats?

His Story. Our Why.

Chris Oats was just 20 years old when he suffered a stroke in May of 2020. He is a linebacker at the University of Kentucky where he was making a name for himself on and off the field. As a sophomore in 2019, Chris played in 12 games and had two starting assignments for the Wildcats. He ranked fifth on the team in tackles with 46, and he added 2.5 tackles for loss, one pass breakup, and one forced fumble. He is majoring in community and leadership development, with plans to one day become a sports analyst.  When asked to describe himself in three words for an article, Chris wrote “I’m kind-hearted, hardworking, and determined.” These words describe him perfectly. Chris is now using that work ethic and determination in his rehabilitation as he works to regain his strength and mobility.

With support from many doctors, nurses, family, friends, teammates, and the big Blue Nation, Chris is getting stronger every day! Because of his amazing support system, Chris and his family want to pay it forward to other families in similar situations who may not have the means necessary to help their loved ones. Chris lives in Cincinnati where he attended Winton Woods High School  He is the son of Kem Gamble.

Standing up

After several months of attempting to acquire a stander through Chris’ therapy center, his mother Kemberly reached out to the University of Kentucky Medical Staff who then assisted Chris in the process of receiving a diagnosis, writing a prescription for a stander, and writing a letter of medical necessity. Once this was complete, they turned the letter in to his insurance, they were unfortunately hit with a denial and decided it was time to look at going down another route. This resulted in them going through other options and ultimately Chris ended up having a standing frame donated to him through a third party.

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