Adaylia’s Standing Story

Adaylia’s Standing Story

It seemed like a typical day for Adaylia, but her life changed forever.

Adaylia was having a normal day, helping out building signs in the family garage, and seemly for no reason started having leg pain. After finishing in the garage, Adaylia went back inside and something strange happened. Within an hour, her legs went numb, losing all feeling and ability to move them.

No crash, no known compression, no fall, just a complete loss of feeling and movement. So, after going to the hospital, then being transported to the Mayo Clinic, and after a week or so of tests finally determining Adaylia had suffered a spinal stroke. A diagnosis of paraplegia. Adaylia and her entire family were shocked by the sudden change in her life.

Adaylia hasn’t let her injury control or define life.

“I really want to be able to do everything by myself. I can, but most of the days I have a lot of help throughout the day.”

– Adaylia on her goals


The goal of independence is something most people with a spinal cord injury strive for daily. Finding more or better ways to accomplish activities of daily living is ongoing. One way Adaylia has found independence and is through sports. Currently, Adaylia participates in adaptive dance, hockey, and skiing. Skiing is her favorite and something that she is looking forward to being able to do more of with experience and better equipment. Anyone can see the confidence and strength this young woman exudes as she lays out the steps she has already taken in her skiing career. From progressing beyond side frames (which take some people up to two years) in a single day to preparing to use a single ski in the upcoming year, she is excited and ready to take on whatever is next in her skiing career. 

Another way Adaylia has found independence is through standing.

“I can tell that it really stretches my legs throughout the day because they get really stiff and stuff. I just really like being in it.” 

Adaylia uses her standing time in the EasyStand Evolv as a way to get up off of her butt, break up the day, and do things that she loves to do. Some of the activities that she enjoys doing in the stander include playing video games, board games with her family and friends, drawing, and doing her schoolwork.

She says she really enjoys her time in the Evolv because it is more convenient to do those tasks, easier to talk to people face to face, and helps with some back issues.

“I really like using the tray a lot because I like the way it can tilt different ways. If I’m playing games with the family, I can tilt it down so they can see better but if I’m drawing, I like to tilt it up and it’s got a big enough workspace for big journals and for me to hold all of my stuff.” 

– Adaylia on using the tray

Working Toward Her Goals

Through standing and being competitive in sports, Adaylia has started to find her independence and continues to move toward that goal. Whether it be on the ski hill or drawing an Australian Shepard on the tray of the EasyStand Evolv, Adaylia will impress you with her skill and ambition as she works toward her new normal. 

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