Tyer Thompson – Standing At Work

Standing at Work with the EasyStand Evolv

With Tyler Thompson

Tyler Thompson has been using the EasyStand Evolv as a way to stand at work for the past 4 years. He decided to get the standing frame about 13 years after his SCI. The decision came after a week of deer hunting that ended with him developing a pressure sore. “I knew I was going back to work and knew I couldn’t stay seated all the time. So, I looked at the question of how I was going to get off my butt,” Thompson said. After having some previous experience with a standing frame and knowing many of the benefits that go along with standing; Tyler knew that it was time to get a standing frame at work and be able to take two or three breaks from sitting per day.

When Tyler first started using his standing frame he was at Emerson Automation Solutions in Chanhassan, MN, as the Lead Senior Engineer and was in a standard 8×8 cubicle. One of the struggles he ran into was keeping the same footprint while having the standing frame with him at the office. “I got this table that moves up and down, and that was a start. Then, I slowly transitioned the setup and just figured out what worked and what didn’t over the course of 2 or 3 months.” Now he has a monitor, desk, phone and keyboard that slides from sitting to standing position.

“I feel a lot of less fatigue at the end of the day, especially sitting fatigue” – Tyler Thompson

After nearly three years as Senior Research Engineer for DeZURIK in Sartell, MN, and now; the Senior Principal Engineer for Northrop Grumman, Thompson has seen many of the benefits of standing in his working and personal life. “I feel a lot of less fatigue at the end of the day, especially sitting fatigue,” he says. “And I know if I get home at the end of the day and I don’t have time to stand at home, I don’t feel guilty about that because I spent anywhere from a half hour to 2 hours of standing at work.”

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