Jordan’s Standing Story

Jordan Bolton’s Standing Story

Rising basketball player to a person with quadriplegia, watch how Jordan’s life took a turn and what he is doing now to recover.

“I think I pretty much died.”

-Jordan bolton

An Athlete On the Rise

Growing up, Jordan Bolton had made a name for himself on the basketball court. In high school, he had played with the likes of Memphis Grizzlies point guard Tyus Jones and his close friend, who is also small forward for the Portland Trail Blazers, Gary Trent Jr. Then, he got to be the star of a team at Lake Region State College at the next level.


In February 2018, partying with teammates, Jordan’s life changed.

After an accident, Jordan was almost discharged from the hospital before saying that he couldn’t move. At this point, he was airlifted to the University of Minnesota, where they found he had compressed his spine. “It was hard to separate what was real,” Jordan said when going through the initial phases after his injury.

Regaining Movement

When physical therapy started, Jordan struggled to gain movement and feeling back. “I definitely wouldn’t be where I’m at without her,” Jordan reflected after talking about how his mom helped him through the initial rehab process. “I was so focused on my legs, and my mom was like ‘you need to focus on your arms.’ And, like as soon as she said that, I lifted my arm.”

Just feeling the weight through my heels and my glutes firing, I feel like my body automatically responds to standing.

Gaining Bodily Functions

Another huge part of his rehab process was standing. At the University of Minnesota and other rehab stops, standing was a regular physical therapy. “Every day, when I went to PT, we would do this (standing in the Evolv). And I could slowly feel it progressing each week.” Through standing, Jordan experienced many of the benefits of standing. He stopped having trouble with blood pressure, could fully empty his bladder, and build and keep strength in his bones.
Jordan has a standing wheelchair but says that those are not enough to get the benefits of standing. “I have a standing wheelchair, but that doesn’t get me in as good a stand as (EasyStand) products get me in. And it usually hurts my back if I stand in those for too long.”

When I’m standing in these, everything is in better alignment, it feels like an actual stand.

Finding a Competitive Edge

Just standing wasn’t enough for Jordan, though. Being an athlete, he was searching for that competitive edge. Doing workouts with Joshua Nix at Fit4Recovery became that means of competition and the drive to become better.

“They are intense; it makes me feel like an athlete again. You know, being pushed to my limits, it’s really helped.” During these workouts, as you can see in the standing video, Josh and Jordan have found creative ways to use the EasyStand Glider to get the most out of a standing session.

Through rehab and standing, Jordan has found his new normal and gained the competitive edge he has been looking for.

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