Wheel Talks + EasyStand

Entertain, Empower and Always Keep it Wheel

A conversation with the Wheel Talks Guys: Sonny Kaesbauer and Marty O’Connor

By Dane Gillespie

Dane: How do you think your own personal experiences have shaped the goals and values of your podcast?

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Marty: Man I think they go hand in hand. Because the podcast is just us communicating our life experiences. We aren’t just Bringing on topics just to talk about them because people want to hear them. These are things that mean
something to us. You know, just this last week we talked about the top 5 causes for us to become independent. You know, these are things that as we go through life and as we have different experiences; we get to realign and we get to see things differently. We get to hit goals; and then set higher goals for ourselves. Because we are continuing to grow.

I think Wheel Talks transcends demographics.

– Marty O’Connor
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Marty cont. I think, going back to wheel talks, it transcends demographics. I don’t think you need to be a person in a wheelchair or a person with a disability to resonate with the experiences that we are going through. And I think our topics while some are disability centric, I think the messaging and everything behind it communicates to a broader community. The goal is to empower, entertain and always keep it wheel. It’s not just for spinal cord injury people or people with disabilities, it’s for the masses, and I know that we can do that. As we grow, so will our ability to impact others.

The thing about us is that we have a lot of Credibility. We have been through the struggles and we have found our way out of it.

– Sonny Kaesbauer

Sonny: The thing about us is that we have been through the struggle, and we are finding ways out of it. So our stories that we are telling; they are not forced, they are not fake. And, without the cameras, without the social media, if you were to hangout with us everyday; you would see the same person that you see in front of the camera and that is the most important thing that we want to get across.
We also want to talk about things that are tough to talk about, but do it our way. Which is a sense of lightness and humor. We want to have fun with it even though a lot of the things we talk about are serious, but we just want to kind of get that out there and help people along the way, you know? We want to be a vessel, be a way to help.

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