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After a diving accident in 2014 that resulted in a C4-C5 complete spinal cord injury, Jake Anderson overcame this adversity to find his path to a new normal. On this path, he made a positive impact by raising over $100,000 for U2FP/Working2Walk and GUSU2Cure Paralysis – Get Up Stand Up to Cure Paralysis. He did this by engineering his hand bike to compete in the Chicago Half Marathon with Jandy Strong.


Training for the half marathon was a struggle at times. Trying to figure out how to train the muscles needed to complete ride effectively was something that Jake and his trainer Josh at Fit 4 Recovery focused on. Check out how they used the EasyStand Evolv and Glider to do just that.

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Six years ago, Jake Anderson suffered a spinal cord injury. Since then, he has graduated from college, started his career, built a custom hand trike and last year completed a half-marathon with that trike.
This year, Jake and the rest of the Jandy Strong team look to take it to the next level and help support other SCI survivors. But, they need YOU to help get to their goals.

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