This is Easystand

This Is EasyStand

Our Commitment to Quality and Healthy Standing

We excel at delivering exceptional quality in the design, manufacturing, and marketing of our products. We are committed to improving the quality of life for our customers, our employees and our vendors; therefore we will evaluate and maintain the effectiveness of our quality management system to ensure it meets all applicable customer, company, and regulatory requirements.

A little backstory into who we are, what we’re about and our goal

Since 1987, Altimate Medical and its EasyStand brand has lead the standing industry by creating unsurpassed standing technology for those with disabilities. Designed by a C6-7 quadriplegic, EasyStand’s line of standing frames have helped improve the quality of life for kids and adults who use wheelchairs worldwide.

A durable medical equipment manufacturer based in Morton, Minnesota, we design and develop standing devices that support the body in a standing position. Simply designing a stander, though, was not enough. We strive to perfect all of our standing equipment and products and have turned to our valuable customers in doing so. Standing is all we do – and we offer the widest array of standing equipment in a variety of sizes and options, including the unique “Active Standing” Glider and the only true multi-position stander, the EasyStand Zing MPS.

To learn more about EasyStand standers and ways it could change your life, fill out our contact form or call 800-342-8968. If you are interested in purchasing an EasyStand stander, our supplier locator will help you find a local provider and product expert.

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