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Pressure sore prevention for the wheelchair-bound spinal injury patient.

date: 12/18/1980
author: Ferguson-Pell MW, Wilkie IC, Reswick JB, Barbenel JC.
publication: Paraplegia. 1980 Feb;18(1):42-51.
pubmed_ID: 7375126

The concept of a wheelchair cushion fitting clinic for the prevention of pressure sores is reviewed in the light of recent estimates of the cost of pressure sores in the U.K. A method for measuring the pressure beneath the ischial tuberosities is discussed and techniques for measuring a patient’s habitual exercise frequency and seated posture are described. Results from the records of 600 spinal injury patients including Rancho Los Amigos Hospital are reported and used to demonstrate the importance of low pressure beneath the ischial tuberosities as an indicator of wheelchair cushion suitability.

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