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Appealing a Denial

Appealing a Denial

While the benefits of standing are numerous, occasionally, funding sources do not agree with consumer needs. Many standing devices have been paid for after an appeal. EasyStand is here to help you understand and navigate the appeals process for standing devices.

Don’t Take “No” for a answer

Appeal if denied! The consumer must start the appeals process.

Review the Submitted documentation

Was it complete? Does it include the equipment trial process and the individual’s specific medical needs? If you are not comfortable reviewing the letter of medical necessity fax it to 952-937-0821 or email and we will be happy to assist with the review.

request an appeal in writing

This written request must be received by the funding source within a specified time frame, usually within 90 days. Send a copy of the notice of denial with the funding appeal letter and keep the originals. The notice includes necessary information such as recipient’s name, address, and ID number.

Referee with be assigned to hear the appeal

The referee may schedule a telephone hearing. Although, you have the right to an in-person hearing which is usually preferable. You can, in fact, state in the letter that the hearing be held in-person.

Identify potential expert witnesses

Such as a Physical Therapist, Occupational Therapist or Physiatrist. In-person testimony is desirable; however, it is acceptable to have testimony by phone or in a written letter of medical necessity.

Assistance from an advocate or attorney

PAAT (Protection Advocacy for Assistive Technology) attorneys are a free resource available to assist clients with disabilities and their families as they seek funding for Assistive Technology.