Greta – Cerebral Palsy – spastic, quadriplegic

Brief description of environment of facility/school Greta is served through  Early Intervention with a trans-disciplinary, family routines-based model and Physical Therapist as primary service provider. Basic Info about client Greta Age: 30 months Diagnosis: Cerebral Palsy – spastic,… Read More

Eli – Cerebral Palsy

Basic Info about client Client’s Name: Eli Age: 2 (will be 3 on 4/2/15) Diagnosis: Cerebral Palsy Brief history: Premature birth – 35 weeks gestation Sustained intrauterine ischemic event with damage to left parietal lobe, right occipital lobe, Macrodactyly… Read More

Dempsey – Achondroplasia, Cerebral Palsy

Brief description of environment of facility/school Dempsey is seen by his school district’s Early Intervention team, with visits from the Physical Therapist twice per month as primary service provider with consultation from Early Childhood Special Education teacher and… Read More