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Greta – Cerebral Palsy – spastic, quadriplegic

Brief description of environment of facility/school

Greta is served through  Early Intervention with a trans-disciplinary, family routines-based model and Physical Therapist as primary service provider.

Basic Info about client

  • Greta
  • Age: 30 months
  • Diagnosis: Cerebral Palsy – spastic, quadriplegic
  • Brief history:
    • born after an uncomplicated pregnancy at 39 3/7 weeks
    • at birth, she had a heart rate of 92 but no spontaneous respirations
    • Apgars were 3 at birth; 4 at one minute; and 4 at ten minutes
    • shortly after birth, Greta had Sarnat stage III encephalopathy and on admission to Newborn Intensive Care Unit at 2 ½ hours of age, she had stage II encephalopathy
    • initial EEG showed occasional electrographic seizures. She was cooled for 72 hours and her EEG showed improvement
    • receives regularly scheduled botulinum toxin injections to most affected areas (usually upper extremity)
    • had trial of Sinemet for motor function, but drug was discontinued due to gastrointestinal side effects (vomiting)

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