Greta – Cerebral Palsy – spastic, quadriplegic

Brief description of environment of facility/school Greta is served through  Early Intervention with a trans-disciplinary, family routines-based model and Physical Therapist as primary service provider. Basic Info about client Greta Age: 30 months Diagnosis: Cerebral Palsy – spastic,… Read More

Eli – Cerebral Palsy

Basic Info about client Client’s Name: Eli Age: 2 (will be 3 on 4/2/15) Diagnosis: Cerebral Palsy Brief history: Premature birth – 35 weeks gestation Sustained intrauterine ischemic event with damage to left parietal lobe, right occipital lobe, Macrodactyly… Read More

EasyStand Releases New Bantam Medium Pediatric Stander

MORTON, MN – The new Bantam medium standing frame fills a gap in the marketplace for larger, more involved children. The medium is an addition to the current Bantam line; the only standers to feature the combination of… Read More